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Our point is that DEP project and specifically the use of Drones offer a variety of interesting opportunities in the field of agriculture

Innovative Technology

This project include innovative technology in VET specifically in agriculture curriculum

Drone course

A course to build a drone, to fly it safety, to learn about the topic and to teach other partners about it

Learning Process

A project to increase the skills and knowledge of teachers and their ability to transmit and implement it on the learning process of the students. They can train other trainers too. 


To establish a network of knowledge and exchange of ideas at European level that helps to learn and acquire the necessary skills to use drones.


To train other trainers to acquire current knowledge and to prepare them to transmit that information to their students.

European project

To learn from the different countries participating in the project and their national legislation, the uses of the drones in their countries and the trends drones are initiating.


Our partners are participating in this european project to learn a new teaching and learning process about drones.



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